Sunday, 22 July 2012

'2011 Grapes' are now in a book

I have yet to get my hands on a copy (they haven't yet sent me one) so I am still not sure how well the colour reproduction is, but regardless of this I am very pleased that my watercolour work has been published. The book is called 'Exotic Botanical Illustration with the Eden Project' and is available from Amazon. I think that there is a delay in the release date for American readers, but I know it's definitely out in England.

If you are interested in obtaining a limited edition print of this painting please email me at The edition is a small run of 20 and they have been very popular so I only have a few left. They are all printed on heavy weight, acid-free paper. 


  1. Such a beautiful painting - I have bought your print as you know, and it is just beautiful.
    Lovely spread in the book ... I am sure they will send you copies as a contributing artist.
    Most publishers do that ...
    Also I know from your promotion of the book here on the blog and also with the Botanical Artists international forum they would be more than grateful for the publicity.

    1. Ha ha - if only! Seems that the publishers won't be giving any of the artists a copy of the book. I am going to have to fight this one out as I did ask on the contract. Thanks for your kind words though Vicki. I really need to get cracking on with some botanical work. Too busy trying to promote myself at the moment and it's hard to strike a balance. Say hi to Tod for me x