Wednesday, 4 July 2012

 Lots of sewing... might do some painting tonight
Meine Mandlebrot #1:

Yogi Lion (a present for Henry):

I may do some more work on my Swiss Cheese Plant tonight, but in the meantime I have been working on these two projects still. I want to get them finished and I find them easier to work on at the moment as I have been on quite a few train rides and not been at my desk much. Yogi Lion needs to be finished very soon so I am busily stitching away on this piece. So far I have downward dog and headstand almost completed. I am making them up as I go along - best way I think, but not for everyone I know!

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  1. Ah more Mandelbrot. Looks like it has grown considereably over the past few weeks, it's going to look sensational when it's finished.
    Henry's pressie is looking so cute:)