Thursday, 23 August 2012

David Nash

David Nash

Lines and Smudges

6th September - 6th October 2012

There is a new exhibition on David Nash at the Annely Juda Gallery showing David Nash's drawings of Kew's trees. I am definitely going to go to the preview for this! The drawings are quite different to the usual plant-based artwork I post on here but I love them. I feel that Nash captures the essence of the different tree species so well.

 Olive 2007*
*I like this one best

Most of the drawings by Nash are in charcoal. I have discovered since seeing Hockney's drawings of trees in the exhibition: A Bigger Picture, that tree's are well suited to being illustrated in charcoal. Both artists really make me want to go out and get 'charcoaling'.

 Weeping Beech

Since June 2012, David Nash has been on site in Kew Garden's busily making sculptures. His exhibition, which is currently on show throughout the garden, is an organic one - in October 2012 we will be refreshing the works on display so that his latest creations take their place on stage. Annely Juda is one of the galleries that represents David. Their exhibition will be taking place to compliment the work that's happening in Kew. If you are interested in environmental art, sculpture, natural forms or trees I recommend both of these exhibitions to you.

Three Chatsworth Yews 2011


  1. Charcoal feels like such an immediate medium allowing an artist to work quickly and freely. I love these works by David Nash, a great post Jess. :)

  2. I do like the "Three Chatsworth Yews". Simple forms, yet everything is there... Really lovely. :)