Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hugh's commission on tree pruning

So I have been busy beavering away... but I am pretty exhausted. Luckily my dear friend Hugh came to visit me a few weeks back. He's writing another article on tree pruning and has asked me to do more illustrations.  I have actually really enjoyed doing these and I hope he likes them. There are a lot of diagrams out there on this sort of thing but most of them seem have been drawn by the arboriculturalists themselves and so they are a bit 'wacky'! I have tried to go for a clean feel in these illustrations:

 Crown Lift in pen and ink

Last time I did some work for Hugh I only used pen and ink thinking that the journal might not like images in colour. Once I got my copy and flicked through I noticed that they had a lot of colour photographs, so I thought this time round I would include a couple of diagrams in watercolour. This one (below) is about pruning tree roots and so I thought here it would be suitable to use watercolour, whereas I think with the other pictures on branches need to be in pen for clarity.

 Root pruning (work in progress)

Two down - another two to go:

 Crown thinning and Crown lift

Other from this there isn't much news for me at the moment. I am still keeping a pretty low profile trying to recharge my batteries. Still struggling with tiredness and a few health niggles. I hope to be back on form soon though.



  1. Those are beautiful Jess! Impressive!

  2. Oh good, I need to know about this as we have a big load of apple trees in our garden that could do with a haircut. :)

  3. Superb illustrations Jess and I also need to know about pruning apple trees! So thank you for sharing and educating :)