Sunday, 2 September 2012

Chelsea Tulips
-after a third evening at work

I managed to sit down and get on with some painting on Friday night and decided to get on with these tulips. I have put in the bottom petals now and the stem. If I finish them on time they'll be entered in for the SBA annual exhibition. I have been experiencing what one can only describe as a saga at home and I think this is what has given my the emotional drive to paint. There is a silver lining upon every cloud!

This is how they looked the nights before:

 Day one

 Day two

While this housing saga goes on I have been busy thinking of my friend Vicki. I was very sad to hear that she lost her little doggy Gracie. I have never had a dog, but if I did have one I'd like to have one like Gracie - she looks like such a lovely little thing. I have also been thinking of our friends in Andalucia who were evacuated from the recent forest fires.  Luckily both Henry's mum and step-dad and my mum and step-dad (soon to be Browse) are ok! Looks like the apocalypse over there.

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  1. Would love to know how to paint after a crisis. Seems like there is a blockage somehow.
    Thanks sweetie for commenting about my dear Gracie... I really appreciate my beautiful friends around the world who connect in such a special way.
    More tulips please!