Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hely's Print

I always like it when someone gets one of my paintings. It's amazing how much better they look when they are in a frame - much smarter! I prefer not to mount my work because I feel that the mount's restrict the art work. This sadly is a cheapo frame, but I think as time goes on I'd rather float mount them in big frames for proper exhibitions.

A couple of nights ago I managed to do some more work on Monstera problema. I seem to be alternating between this piece and the Tulips at the moment, which is fun. I worked a bit on the top right of the leaf this time around. Much trickier to do this part of it because there are more highlights and the tonal variation is very subtle.

You can zoom in here:

This is how it looked before:

During a time of upheaval I have found recently that its been a real refuge to have some painting to come home to. 

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