Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Reds and Yellows

Like the Autumnal leaves around me, I am very much focusing on my use of reds and yellows at the moment:

The Middle Tulip (Tulipa sp.)

I really got into the rhythm of this painting on Monday night. I find that when I get into the process of painting, I 'dance' around the subject less and am more able to put down solid colours. The process becomes riskier, but more fluid and enjoyable. I exercise a degree of faith in the work. I don't know about you, but when I am not in the 'mood' I can waste vast amounts of my time touching things up and over working whatever is there. So I did make a bit of process on Monday night after an hour or two at the desk - no more. I am starting to find that short stints are also the answer as they keep it fresh and prevent over working.

Tulip (Tulipa sp.) - work in progress

On my computer at work I have Coral Guests Tulip (below) on my desktop. For me, this is the most astonishing botanical painting I have ever seen.  I'll be pleased if I could achieve a piece of work as half as good as this! Coral Guest is a master of colour and light. She has spent very long periods of time learning about how light and colour behave in the natural world and this is evident in her work today. You can read more about her process on her blog (entry 25th June 2008). I am secretly hoping that Dr. Sherwood will include some of Coral Guest's work in the upcoming exhibition on Rory McEwen as an example of a contemporary artist who has been influenced by his work. Fingers crossed!

Tulipa 'Queen of Night' by Coral Guest 2008
(Coral Guest's blog)


  1. This is going to be an absolutely beautiful piece Jess. Love those colours, like raspberry ripple ice cream. I love the work of Coral Guest, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks Jarnie! Glad you like the colours so far. The reds are going to get a lot darker, well that's the plan anyway!