Monday, 8 October 2012

Refreshing David Nash - A Natural Gallery

It's a wet day in Kew Gardens today and it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. I'm glad it's quiet though, as there is nothing worse than disappointed visitors. The gallery is only half open this week while we install the second part of our David Nash exhibition. All the big sculptures have come out of the space and are being replaced by some smaller works which David has made during his time here at Kew. Some of the gallery rooms, such as the boulder video, are staying the same, but the main space has changed immensely over the past few days.

 David with his workers busy installing the next exhibition

Early starts for all us this week as we march on. It's a relatively short change this time which is good for visitors and it means we'll be open for October half term. We'll be officially open on the 13th October and  David will be in the gallery signing books between 2 and 4pm.

I really like these new additions, although I do feel they work best as a collection. I particularly like the large 'clams' at the back of the top photograph.  Many of these sculptures will be for sale and I'll be interested to see how many sell.

There isn't much other news from Inky Leaves. I had the weekend off and went to the Pre-Raphaelites exhibition at Tate Britain, which was 'okay'. If I am honest I wasn't sure about the way it had been curated as I felt that to analyse their work was to do something that the artists stood against. In my view the Pre-Raphaelites were about beauty as a whole. 

On Thursday I might pop to St. John's College in Oxford as there is a fabulous retrospective exhibition on Catherine Nicholson. If I don't get the chance I'll get on with some work of my own!

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