Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Magic Number

Yesterday I started painting a new piece. I am really getting into painting tulips with as much accuracy as possible. I consider them quite an easy form to paint, which in turn should make capturing the realism easier.  I have never really liked tulips much in the past; always favouring poppies and peony's, but in the last 3 years I have learnt to adore them for their simplicity. I find their petals and floppy leaves can add a lot of movement in compositions.

  Three times over - just started 

This piece (below) will have the same flower, but three times over from different points of view. Why three? Well because things work well in threes, and why this flower yet again? Because I like it and I feel I am getting to understand it better after completing 'Chelsea Tulips' (well not completing - almost, got bored of it so will return to it at a later date). Thought I'd start doing compositions that I don't usually do (to me this one is much more mechanical).  There is a reason behind this experimentation - I have an idea about painting flowers through time and I am basically trying to work out how to represent this idea on a piece of paper. It came to me after I stitched all the images of Chelsea Tulips to make a sequence piece of the painting growing through time. I then thought it would be nice to represent the flower aging instead of the painting and this is how I got to my idea. Lets just see how it goes. It's probably been done before, but it is something I am interested in pursuing.

The amount of painting I am managing to do has really slowed down this Autumn and I have been surprised by that - it wasn't intentional at all. Thursday was spent visiting the hospital again, so a lot of time was wasted on buses and in waiting rooms on one of my days off from work. The good news is this has given me some time to get on with Henry's present:

Four boxes filled - another 4 to go! Then the lotus, and the soya beans and then the watery background.

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  1. Hi Jess, I love tulips aswell and can't wait to see your finished Chelsea tulips piece. Like your idea of flowers through time.
    Thank you for your lovely comments btw, I can't wait to start on some trees soon but I'll keep them in graphite I think!