Monday, 1 October 2012

 Chelsea Tulips...

I managed to get a bit of work done on the top tulip today. When I started this piece I got totally confused and thought all the petals were part of one flower. Only while drawing it on the page did I realise that there were two tulips - one behind the other. I think I must have been tired that day. Anyway, I quite like that arrangement now - one 'hiding' behind the other. You couldn't even see the other stalk because of all the leaves, and I am still wondering if I should keep it like this. It's like surrealist botanical illustration.

... and Monstera problema

I also managed to get some work completed on my monster this week. I seem to be really on course at the moment (God knows how). This beastie is starting to get tricky now. I find leaves are always trickier at the end, and flowers at the start. I have no idea why I find this - I just do. Something about the finish. I have started using Prussian Blue on this one and it seems to suit it. I have used Ultra Marine on the right though. I noticed the tint of blue changes as the light dances across the leaf.

Other news is that I got given a load of paints when I was in France which is pretty amazing (inclusing Prussian Blue). We stayed with some lovely people called Diana and Jean-Pierre and their son Nicholas. Jean-Pierre and Nicholas are musicians, and brilliant ones at that. Nicholas has just realised a new album which you can hear here. It's very folky.  Diana is an artist and used to be a demonstrator for Winsor and Newton. As a demonstrator she got loads of free paints and products, which is pretty jammy, and she was kind enough to pass some on to me.

My new paints and products which I managed to get through in hand luggage.

Nowadays Diana is busy renovating a 16th century house with her husband whilst working in her little studio. She is currently creating works which interpret the memories attached to their new ruin. They keep finding traces of how life would have been like in this farm. They have even found a corset with patches sewn onto it where it needed repairing. Both the house and her work are truly fascinating. I hope that she'll have an exhibition in England soon!

Part of the old complex of houses which Diana and Jean-Pierre are renovating


  1. Love the saturation of colour on your Chelsea Tulips Jess. The top tulip has such a wonderful depth, yummy! Monstera is looking good too, lovely movement of light.
    Lucky you getting those freebies, now how to include them all. :)

    1. Thanks Jarnie... freebies are always good! :D Hope your mixed flora is going well.