Wednesday, 21 November 2012

FLS Certificate

So a lovely parcel arrived in the post for me this week - it was full of magazines and newsletters. Yes, it was from the Linnean Society and hidden between the pages was my election certificate all wrapped up in a nice plastic sleeve. Another one for my collection! I am very pleased about this piece of paper and hope that it will lead to new things. I want to really take part in the Linnean Society as a whole and try to get a dialogue going between natural scientists and natural history illustrators by increasing the number of illustration based talks and articles in their lecture theatre and newsletters. It would also be nice to have small exhibitions... but of course one step at a time!

I was planing on posting some recent photographs of my paintings today. I did do some more painting on Monstera problema last night, as well as on Three Times Over, but alas I forgot to take a picture. The rain here is also pretty dismal (nice fine drizzle added to a very short day length = perpetual dark), so the daylight isn't very good to take pictures anyway (I was hoping for a bright morning and it didn't come). So I will post some new images on Saturday or Monday. I am enjoying my routine of painting for a couple of hours every night and recommend it to all! It was Gael Sellwood who told me that it is the best way to do things when you have a full time job to contend with - wise words. She also said it's good to have a business plan - again  - wise words!

Other news... I had a nice rally of emails with Shevaun Doherty this week - she seems to be very busy setting up the new Irish Society of Botanical Illustrators. This is really exciting news and I am so pleased that she has taken the plunge to set this up. It must be taking a lot of her time sorting out all the admin, but I think it will be worth it. I also contacted Mervi to ask if she could add a 'follow this blog' button on the Denver Botanic Gardens blog - hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to follow the latest news from Denver.



  1. Fab news there on the certificate Jess and what great ideas you have for the society. It all seems to be coming together nicely. Great news on Shevaun and the ISBA team.

    1. Thanks Jarnie! Yes - can't wait for an online presence of the ISBA team - that would be amazing :)