Saturday, 10 November 2012

Boris and Polly have been re-located

This week has been a busy one so far. I posted Boris and Polly the other day and hopefully they now have a new owner. It was sad to see them go, but I am keen to clear the way for new work and clinging onto older pieces isn't a very good idea in my world. I need to keep some bits back though - for exhibitions - but I felt that Boris was not suitable material for the SBA exhibition this Spring and if I get a slot in the gallery I've approached in Richmond, I'd rather use new works.  So yes - Boris as gone and so has Polly. The good news is that I have got limited edition prints of Boris available, which you can get here.

 Boris the Broccoli, Watercolour, 2012

I have been busy tidying my room and trying to sort out all my Bare Necessities by logging everything in a spreadsheet - it takes most of my time these days, but I am over half way through my 12 month measuring period which is the good news. My room did pong a bit the other day because I got a bit behind! This isn't very nice, but it is an incentive to not get behind in my data entry.  I just have lots of birthday cards and wrapping paper to do now - the non-smelly stuff.  I am not sure how I am going to work out how much wood pulp has been used on all this cardboard packaging, but I am sure I'll find a way and then I can get cracking on with the painting itself.

 Diana and me outside the Temperate House, Kew

I had a lovely walk around Kew Gardens on Wednesday with my housemates. Although I work here I don't do long walks around the gardens that often. I know the temperate house rather well because it is close to the gallery! It's always a treat bringing friends into the gardens and showing them around.  

  Three Times Over, work in progress

Lastly, I did manage to get in an hour's worth of work on 'Three Times Over' on my day off, which is better than nothing. I am intending to do some work tonight before Henry pops over and have made a schedule to help me knuckle down. It's been a bit rubbish this year with my artwork and I am keen to get going. Changes at home and with my health are the contributing factors to this, but I feel I have come out the other side and am determined to become more productive. Watch this space.


  1. Hi Jessica, I love your blog. The broccoli watercolour are beautiful and the tulip is going to be perfect!:)

  2. I love Boris ... excellent work and really lovely colours!