Friday, 21 December 2012

Tulip Number One

Since my last post to you all I have managed to get some work done on the first Tulip of the three... Goodness knows why I work backwards! It is a rather scatty way of working, especially if one doesn't want to mark the right side of the page with their sleeve. Most of my friends have a super way of preventing marks by covering the parts of the painting they are not working on with a bit of tracing paper. I would do this, but I believe that firstly it is better to see the whole thing as you work on it in it's full form (especially in my case as there is a lot of colour matching going on - I never make up enough paint to get me through) and secondly I believe that having the tracing paper there gives me a false sense of security. I think it is better to get used to keeping my arm slightly in the air and generally feeling aware of my surroundings (cups of tea etc).

So the progress I have made so far isn't too bad. I might get a chance to tackle it tonight too. I am working this weekend in Kew so probably won't get a chance to do much more until after Christmas. Blimey it has come round fast!

On Wednesday I was busy darkening these petals (flower in the foreground). I have quite a way to go still, but I am really enjoying having the time to actually make the tones as dark as I want to. I found during the SBA course that I kept running out of time and had to hand in work which was in my view very pale and not finished.

Anyway... Just in case this is my last post before Christmas - I wish you all a very merry Yuletide and hopefully I'll get a chance to post before the New Year.


  1. Jessica, These are lovely and coming along really well. The rich colors are delightful! I am finding the same problem during the course, but hope to go back and finish shading after graduation, which isn't that far away for me now! Hope you have a joyous Christmas and an artful year ahead!

    1. Hi Janene! Thanks for the compliments - they are very much appreciated. It's a good idea to go back to the other pieces after the course - I hadn't thought of that. I guess I have so many ideas swimming around my head I was keen to just get cracking on with some new stuff. I hate overworking things too and get scared of ruining paintings from overworking. Inspired by you I now think I'll have a look and see what I can 'refresh'! Have a super Christmas - your cabbage is going to be so much fun to do. Good luck!