Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Ok - so I am back everybody! Well what a month it has been... To cut a long story short, I think I opened some sort of crack in the cosmic energy pool when I began distmantling my room to make way for a drawing board becuase what actually happened in the end is I left the entire room and plonked myself in a bigger and better space 10 miles east in Brick Lane! It all happened so fast I am left feeling like I am spinning on the spot. So no painting for all that time... absolutely itching to get cracking on with something, although I am still not quite there as I sadly have a funeral to go to and then on a more joyous note I am away in Tunisia...

Being a regular commuter now has really helped my sewing productivity though. Yogi Lion is growing steadily and my Bare Necessities spreadsheet is all up to date and I have also come up with several new ideas for paintings.

The Lotus on Yogi Lion is now in place and I have begun filling in the petals and putting in the soya bean pods on the left and right edges..

 Sense of scale - with fingers

 'Love Tree' - a card for Henry

On top of this the Inky Leaves website is having a major re-design which I am very much looking forward to seeing the results of. I am very lucky in that my step father is an excellent webdesigner and by boyfriend is a dedicated programmer... it makes for a great team. So watch this space.

Plus I have news - Kew has (at last) started to sell indivisual Marianne North postcards... So if you are dropping off paintings for the SBA on the 18th February and find yourself in Kew grab some while stocks last! I have no idea how long they'll be there...

Lastly - saw this and thought the fabric was out of this world. I want curtains made out of this fabric!!

There is a whole cat walk fashion shoot of several outfits so check out the link.


  1. Ha ha, I love the idea of needing space for your board, so heck, just move!! Brilliant! Welcome to the East End. Great to see Yogi Lion again, he's coming along nicely, such delicate work with your mix of stitches.

    That fabric really is to die for. Botanical prints will be everywhere this summer, all the rage with the fashionistas I sense. So there should be lots for us to choose from. xx

  2. I can't believe how much the embroidery has come on, it may even be finished by the time I see you in London in 2 weeks.
    Blimey you have to be very determined to leave a comment with numbers and letters to copy down, only look me 4 attempts!

  3. Thanks mum - yes the commute is very good for my sewing - making progress fast now. Sorry about your 4 attempts, I wonder were you multitasking as usual?! :P No worries - I have taken the verification off now, as I monitor all the comments anyway.

  4. This is very nice drawing. Nature is everywhere. I like this so much. Thanks.