Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ho Ho Ho! Green Giant!

So I began painting my giant coffee plant last night. I tried to be more professional in the way I went about it, and by that I mean for the first time ever I have made a note of the colours I am using to mix my greens. But that is where my organisation skills start and stop. Usual thing of no sketchbook work - I am just diving straight in!

First Coffee Leaf (Coffea arabica) - work in progress

First Coffee Leaf (Coffea arabica) - work in progress

The colours I am using are:

Washes of Windsor Blue (Red Shade) mixed with Green Gold (Winsor and Newton)
And washes of French Ultramarine mixed with Green Gold (Winsor and Newton)
And a dash of Daler Rowley Permanent Rose

I am painting on St. Cuthberts Mill - HP Saunders Waterford paper A0 - first time I have painted a proper painting on this paper (as I only have a sketchbook of the stuff) - so far so good, but certainly not to everyones taste. It works best with dry brush really. 


  1. I also tend to "dive in" without any preparatory sketches - very brave when using colour. Getting the right mix can be so challenging - esp. vast expanses of green... Looks like you're off to a very good start! Best of luck :)

  2. Thanks Hedera! I am glad I am not the only one who dives straight in.

  3. I love using green gold in green mixes too. Good luck with the green giant,phew, all those leaves!!

    1. Thanks Claire - yes it's a bit daunting taking on all these leaves, but I do love doing them.