Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Seeing Green

Coffee (Coffea arabica) - work in progress

So many greens, all I can see is green! It's been really tricky  painting this monster. The difficulty comes when trying to paint leaves where the sun is actually shining through the leaf - when dong this you need a totally different set of colours. Still, all the observational work appears to be paying off! Lots of layering in this piece, and the Sanderson paper really takes it all in which is a joy to behold. Some of these leaves have about 10 layers of paint on them.

 Coffee (Coffea arabica) - A lot of work still to do...

 Close up on the Coffee Plant (Coffea arabica) 

Coffee (Coffea arabica) - work in progress


  1. It's fantastic Jess - dare I say it has a Rosie Sanders feel to it with the backlit leaves ... look forward to the updates :)

    1. It's funny you say that as it was completely unintentional, but when I looked at Rosie's blog this morning I thought the same thing! I only did it because where Caroline is now in the new studio, she gets lots of sunlight and I thought the greens were transformed into such an amazing colour that I had to try and capture it. I am honoured that you think there's a bit of Rosie in it though, as I love her work. Thanks for your kind comments. You'll see the real thing when you are up in April!