Monday, 22 April 2013

New website being designed

So Inky Leaves dot com is currently having a make-over. This is great news as the old site just suddenly got old (you know how it goes with technology - one minute fine, the next not!). I opened my website on an apple laptop about a year ago and the text was teeny tiny because the resolution of the screens has got so much better in the past 5 years.  Henry and I tried to make the page look more update by loading up some images of my latest work about 18 months ago, but it was the actual template that needed re-designing.

So here it is! Browse have gone for an 'all on one webpage' template which I really like. I'd rather have one page with lots of interesting things on it than lots of pages each with not very much on them. 

Hopefully it'll go live soon. In the meantime - he's the sneak peek.

TTFN, time for some gardening... then coffee...


  1. Looking very lovely, Jess. Good luck with the progress and looking forward to browsing the finished product! xx

    1. Thanks Jarnie - I can't wait. It'll be good on our good friends Mr. i-pad and Mrs. i-phone too!