Thursday, 4 April 2013

Three more leaves on the Green Giant

Coffee Leaves on the side

This was the most difficult leaf (the one on the far right) and it isn't quite there yet  - almost though. I find leaves that are sideways on are always a tricky to do. It helps when they are shiny or curvy (like a Hosta or Aspidistra). In this painting the coffee leaves have the shine, but not so much the curve - more 'wave'! I need to cross reference some of my older paintings to see how I can get this fully three-dimensional. But it's almost complete. Lots of mauve in this leaf and French ultramarine.

The coffee plant - a work in progress

This is the whole botanical illustration of the Coffee arabica plant. I have only just noticed that there is a lovely hole in the middle! However, for once I do seem to be working the 'right way' across the board for a right handed* lass - left to right.

*When it comes to lifting things, cycling one handed and draining saucepans/drying hair I am predominately left handed.

Coffea arabica leaves with the light shining through them

A close up on another one of those coffee leaves... this one (again on the right - there definitely is a theme developing here!) has the sunlight shining through it (and on it) so it's really lurid. It's quite spectacular to see how lurid the green is on a coffee plant when it's in this condition, as the leaves are actually quite dark on the surface.

Coffee arabica leaf

Oh and this one is no-way finished... really tricky painting these highlights. They sort of did my head in a few times! I had to keep coming back to it. Unlike the leaves around it, this one has the light only shining on it, so it's pretty dark in places and the greens are full of Winsor blue and French ultramarine and Crimson. 


  1. Loads of work Jess, but it looks great so far. Looking forward to see further development.

  2. I have some coffee plants sitting on my windowsill at the moment, and you've really captured their essence! Lovely work :)