Saturday, 11 May 2013

Exhibitions Galore

Rory McEwen's Tulips in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Kew

Rory McEwen The Colours of Reality is now open until 22 September 2013 at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical ArtKew Gardens. It was my day off of work on Friday so I didn't get to see the final bits that needed to be done when I finished on Wednesday. It was really refreshing and exhilarating coming in this morning to see it all finished, polished and ready. 

Longer version of the Rory film is here:

The Telegraph have published an article on the show today in their Saturday paper if you are interested and there is a lovely slideshow on their website.

Whilst thinking about the Rory McEwen show I thought it a good idea to visit The Whitechapel Gallery to see their Karl Blossfeldt exhibition yesterday. Rory McEwen was a big fan of Blossfeldt's work and held a number of 'Homage to Karl Blossfeldt' exhibitions during his lifetime. 

I thought that the Whitechapel show was really well curated. The spaces lent themselves to Blossefeldt's work. The sharp edges of the false walls and the industrial grey backdrop contrasted, and at times complimented,  the different shapes, textures and hues found in all of his photographs. Everything in the exhibition was arranged sensitively and the photographs were grouped together with an impeccable about of consideration and thought. Seeing Karl's original work in the flesh like this was extraordinary and I can see why Rory was so inspired. The amount of detail that Blossfeldt managed to capture is mesmerising - I felt like an insect. This exhibition exposes plants and their secret world. No frond is left unfurled and no hair is left tucked away. Everything is examined and elegantly composed.

Inside the Karl Blossfeldt exhibition, The Whitechapel Gallery
Inside the Karl Blossfeldt exhibition, The Whitechapel Gallery


  1. It's times like these I wished I lived in London - the chance to see these exhibits would almost be worth the 24 hours of transit!
    I hope those who live there make the effort to see these and appreciate how lucky they are to be accessible to such treasures.
    I am a huge fan of Rory McEwen and Karl Blossfeldt - for now I guess books will have to do ... but maybe one day I will get to see such exhibits.
    I count myself lucky to at least read your blog and live vicariously through your adventures ...

    1. I am so gutted that you can't see this show Vicki, but you'll love the book. Have you ordered one already? Hope you are having fun with Bailey - your photographs looked great - a fabulous addition to the family! Keep in touch and all the very best.