Thursday, 11 July 2013

Yogi Lion is now finished

So I have managed to finish this little project... and hopefully the giant coffee plant will soon be next. Whoopee! It's great tying up all these loose ends. I am dreadful at having too many projects on the go at once and am always very conscious of the fact that I need to finish projects before I start a new one. Most of the time I just can't help myself - I love starting new ideas. However this time I am being really disciplined and seeing projects through to the end. It's time to pull all the strings together (excuse the pun).

I started this embroidery July last year, so it's taken 12 months give or take a few days, but I haven't been working on this beauty continuously. It's a product of all the tube rides I have been on, all the period dramas I have watched and all the sun bathing sessions I have taken part in. 

Today was almost a 'disaster' as I had really geared myself up to get on with Caroline the Coffee plant, but alas it was not meant to be. I just couldn't focus and kept making mistakes. So I decided to cut my losses and get on with something else. The sewing was good idea - I was definitely in a sewing mood. 


And here it is in it's entirety face on...

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