Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Drill

In order to avoid the tube-traffic I always get an early tube from Aldgate East, which means I often get into work a tad early. Sometimes I go for a jog in Kew Gardens before the opening hours. However, since I twisted my knee doing the notoriously dangerous activity of painting at a drawing board last month, I haven't thought it wise to do any jogging (please note visitors/staff aren't allowed to jog in gardens during opening hours).

So this is my new drill! An hour is to be had and I am going to make use of it. This is what it looks like upstairs in the Marianne North Gallery. We have 2 offices up there and a kitchen. This is the larger office of the two. This re-location does mean that I have to make do with photographs when working on commissions, but as I am putting the finishing touches in this one it's not too bad. I tend to use photographs for the last bit anyway as the plant never lasts long enough to see me through to the end! Next stop... live material and a bit of field (garden) painting...

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  1. I didn't know that about not jogging in the park, this must be why there is such a genteel feel to the gardens.