Sunday, 22 September 2013

New Rory McEwen Prints Available from Kew

I am very pleased to say that despite the exhibition closing today, the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew are selling two new Rory McEwen fine art prints until Christmas 2013.  These are really beautiful prints, and I myself will be getting one (the purple tulip). If you are interested in ordering a print, the best thing to do is to give the gallery a call on 020 8332 3622. They are printed on 300gsm acid-free 'minuet' paper and have a beautiful beveled edge, making them ideal for float mounting.

Tulip 'Columbine' Bybloemen feather 1974, watercolour oh vellum, 290 x 400mm£110 (unframed)

Flamed Pink and White Tulip  (open) 1974, watercolour on vellum, 420 x 470mm,  £110 (unframed)


  1. do you know where you can buy Rory McEwen's prints of dying leaves and vegetables?

    1. Best bet is to contact the Shirley Sherwood Gallery at Kew Gardens on 020 8332 3622 or email them at They are the only ones who deal with Rory's prints, but I am not sure if they still stock them. The family produced copies from only a limited range of Rory's work. Anyway, my old colleagues should be able to send you a price list of the ones they have if they still stock them. I hope this helps?