Sunday, 6 October 2013

Be-Cos I am worth it

This week (excluding a mad dash to Copenhagen for a weekend of fun) I have been busy filling up my time in doing as much painting as possible and I can certainly say that I am starting to feel the rewards of getting up early. It's rather wonderful waking up before everyone else and having a good two hours of quiet time before other occupants in the house start to distract you from your work, or even worse - vibrate the floor boards at that critical time, when you've made a start in painting those very thin filaments. 

Little Gem Lettuce  - work in progress
It is indeed rather wonderful. Even the small sense of sneakiness is wonderful. I have always been sneaky. Some of my best memories as a child are when I felt I got away with something naughty. The funniest took place when I was at infants school during one of those 'colouring in sessions'. In the middle of each table we would have a selection of crayons, all of which I really hated (and continue to do so). However one day something remarkable happened - I needed to colour something in crimson. I dutifully found the appropriate colour in the crayon-pool and went for it, doing by best to stay in the lines. Then I remember this feeling of utter astonishment, for this was no ordinary crayon. It produced the deepest, richest colour known to man. It was thick and lush and gorgeous. Of course I didn't know at the time why this crayon was so spectacular, I had never used oil pastels before... Not knowing what this thing was and feeling rather smug with my find I decided that I'd be keeping this little beauty for myself. No sharing of the magic crayon. I put it in my pocket. It gave me a lot of pleasure... I used it repeatedly and I felt very sneaky. That was I felt great until my mother washed my dress one day and forgot to check the pockets... Yes, then I wasn't so smug. Although I distinctly remember still trying to maintain that feeling of triumph and saying that my mum really ought to have checked the pockets. Gosh - what a know it all. I must have been a real nightmare at times. Someone who had an answer for everything...

Anyway, I feel great because not only have I got some work done, but I also feel like I have succeeded in some dreadful deed... the sneaking out of bed with no one watching. It's very satisfying. It's not for everyone that's for sure. It can get a bit lonely and people think you've lost the plot. Still... I think it's totally worth getting up at 6.30am. Bring it on.

Little Gem Lettuce  - work in progress close up
So yes - the Cos. Well it is by far the trickiest thing I have attempted because it's big and bumpy. At least Sally was small and bumpy and she also stuck to the same colour variation. Still, I am enjoying the experience and feel I am getting faster, which can only be a good thing.

I am currently using a lot of dry brush with Cos. I am doing this because I am gearing up to try vellum next, plus this Saunders can take a real battering and lets you push the paint around. I also am trying to avoid any cockling. Problem with the dry brush is that I am having to use minute brushes so it takes a very long time, but I believe... (slightly hijacking the words of L'oreal), Cos is worth it.


  1. The lettuce is looking very dramatic already--your sneakiness is paying off! Btw, I am trying vellum for the first time now too. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with it.

    1. Thanks Janene - like to hear that this lettuce is cosmic!

  2. I remember it well Jess. What I am trying to remember tough is what else you took out with it in the wash, must have been Daddy's shirts.

    1. I definitely think there were a few of those... plus my oillily dress (the cream one with the pink flowers on) and some towels.