Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Feeling a bit cross eyed

 A bit more has been done today, but not as much as I'd hoped. My shoulders have given up the ghost and I found my eye's were going a bit mental looking at all the bumps. Which brings me on to say that the colours found on each bump are extraordinary. In places it's like looking at metal, or at oil in a puddle. So many colours, and rather luminescent, like a pearl. Who would have thought so much could be present on the leaf of the humble lettuce?!

Rainbows and Gasoline by The Ghost an Saber Tooth Tiger  - I thought it appropriate... This is a little song describing the amazing patterns made by oil in puddles and something I listened to whilst getting over those bumps! Personally though - this one is my favourite track and video. I like the idea of all those great minds in one room.


  1. Brilliant - all three: your cos so far with its bumps, the music, and the video. Thank you.

  2. Ha ha! Oh jolly good - I am so glad you like all three. It's official - it's a hat trick!