Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sewing the Seeds of Love....

Yep, you've got it - I have started another little sewing project. Well, not exactly 'little' as it's rather big actually, but you get the drift. Three of my friends are getting married this year, so I have my work cut out when it comes to making the wedding samplers. With this in mind I thought it would be good to get on with things.

'London Love' - wedding sampler close up

This one is on linen. It's actually an old napkin. The count is really, really teeny, so I am not being as regimental with it as I was with Yogi Lion. I have decided to go for a London theme using a 1950s style. Not really sure what I am doing to be honest, but let's see how it goes! 

'London Love' - wedding sampler close up

This is what I do on my tube rides on the way into (and back from) work. It makes the hour pass very quickly. In the mornings I am usually left to my own devices, but in the afternoons commuters often want to talk about my work. Children ALWAYS watch - they are the best punters. They don't distract, but instead fill me with a wonderful glowing energy that is fuelled with curiosity, fascination and spontaneity. Children always know how to enjoy the moment and remind me to do the same. I love sewing in front of children.

'London Love' - wedding sampler close up showing all the different stitches and patterns

This is what it looks like flat. I picked my colours for this bit whilst on the tube, only to notice that I had accidentally selected the colours of the different London Underground lines... (the border is going to be yellow... making the full set with the circle line). It's amazing how much our brains are influenced on an unconscious level. In fact, it's actually rather disturbing!

'London Love'
So we also have red for the Central line, orange for the Overground, dark blue for the Piccadilly line, light blue for the Victoria line, pink for the Hammersmith and City line, green for District line, black for Northern line and maroon for Metropolitan line. Maybe I need to squeeze in brown and grey for the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines?!! Oh and then there is also the DLR... forgot the DLR....


  1. It looks great but I can't imagine working on something like this on the tube :) Brave you!

  2. Haha! It's a right pain at South Kensington - the tracks there are dismal and one has to sit that bit out, but it's surprisingly smooth going for the rest of the journey. Lighting could be improved on, and the sits could do with being a bit wider... It's surprisingly elbow-y is this type of sewing and it's hard work avoiding the occasional elbowing of a stranger. I do endeavor to keep my elbows to myself as much as possible, but accidents do happen.