Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Exhibition 'Botanical Art in the 21st Century' opens 8 February 2014

Paintings of roses by Regine Hagedorn
The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art will be kicking off 2014 with a new exhibition of paintings from the Shirley Sherwood Collection. There will be work from several Italian artists who have never exhibited in the UK before. There will also be a series of paintings from the new book 'Overleaf' by Susan Ogilvy.

This new exhibition, ‘Botanical Art in the 21st Century’, will celebrate the remarkable, worldwide renaissance of botanical art today. Recently acquired works in the Shirley Sherwood Collection will illustrate both traditional and new painting techniques. The exhibition will demonstrate the breadth and depth of botanical art, where fresh approaches and technical advances are changing the idea of what botanical art is about.

‘Botanical Art in the 21st Century’ is a modification of an exhibition mounted last year in Pisa, Italy, in the Museo della Grafica, called ‘Botanical Art into the Third Millennium’. Alongside the Shirley Sherwood Collection there will be a selection of recent works by Italian artists on display, some of which were painted specially for the Pisa show and many have never been exhibited in the UK before.

Many areas of botanical art are undergoing exciting changes and this new exhibition aims to showcase how exciting the future is for botanical art.

The other exhibition in the gallery, 'Overleaf' features a selection of paintings by award-winning botanical artist Susan Ogilvy. Each painting delicately depicts a range of leaves, selected from trees across the temperate regions of Europe and North America.. The display is designed to accompany the book of the same name, Overleaf, by Richard Ogilvy and Susan Ogilvy, which is published by Kew.

The Overleaf display will also open on 8 February 2014 and run until 10 August 2014.


  1. Looks a wonderful exhibition with some very familiar artworks.
    Have enjoyed following the latest botanical exhibits at Kew on your blog.
    I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and look forward to a fantastic new year.

    1. Thanks Vicki! Yes it looks like a good show. I am still pining after Rory though! (Note to self - get over him). I am glad you have enjoyed the blog. Updates became a bit sporadic towards the end of the year, but I am going to make a real effort to get back on form. I hope you had a great Christmas with the family and that 2014 is good to you xxx