Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Exhibition 'Magnolias' at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Kew

This selling exhibition will provide visitors to Kew with the rare opportunity to see the extraordinary paintings of Magnolias by Barbara Oozeerally.

Magnolia sieboldii subsp. by Barbara Oozeerally

In 2005 Barbara embarked on a nine year project to produce over 150 paintings of magnolias, both species and hybrids. She travelled widely in England and Europe, working closely with owners of gardens, head gardeners and magnolia experts. All the paintings are life size: every bud, flower, branch, leaf and seed head measured, sketched and colour sample taken in situ with many paintings requiring long research and many weeks to finish. Dr Shirley Sherwood describes them as ‘an extraordinary series of important and beautiful plants’.

Magnolia glabosa by Barbara Oozeerally

Magnolia x soulangeana “Brozzonii” by Barbara Oozeerally

These paintings will also be published in an extensively illustrated book, entitled Magnolias in Art and Cultivation, authored by Barbara, Jim Gardiner and Stephen A. Spongberg. The book will be published by Kew Publishing in association with the Royal Horticultural Society and will contain not only well-known and loved magnolias, but also some that are very unusual and less familiar.

Seedhead of Magnolia 'Pegasus' by Barbara Oozeerally
For more information, such as opening times, please visit the Kew website.

The price list for Barbara's paintings can be seen here

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