Friday, 20 June 2014

Inspired by Shevaun Doherty

Inspired by Shevaun Doherty's recent blog post about painting in Egypt, I decided to post one of my old botanical illustrations from 2004. This is one of my first 'proper' watercolours - I was about 20 when I painted it and still at University. I think I was inspired after seeing a Delonix in flower after a recent field trip to Malaysia. Anyway, Delonix regia is most definitely one of my favourite trees (alongside Ginkgo biloba and Jacaranda) and I enjoyed seeing Shevaun's depictions of it so much that I wanted to highlight her post as something well worth reading to my readers. 

Once upon a time my grandma used to live in Cairo and I remember her bringing the pods from this tree back with her when she visited the UK. She frequently would then give them to me as presents when I was a little girl and I used to use them as maracas. I think my dad still has some sitting somewhere or other in the house. Anyway - hurray to the glorious Delonix for being so bright and beautiful!

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  1. Wow Jess! I'm totally honoured by this, and thrilled that you shared this incredible illustration! You really captured the essence of the plant- I love your painting! Those little leaflets are a divil to do, but I seem to recall your fondness for leaves 😉 The pods are amazing. My daughters used them as maracas too... we even painted them! Anyway I'm thrilled that you posted this, thanks!!