Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cintiq Drawing Board

What do artists do all day’ on BBC4 is one of my favourite programmes. The other week they were following Polly Morgan in her studio which was really fascinating. She is one of my favourite artists and it was therefore great seeing how she thinks and spends her day and in what type of space. So yes, I was watching this programme on artist Frank Quietly yesterday and I was really intrigued by the piece of equipment that he was using.

Cintiq 24 HD touch
So yes, the piece of technology that I was pretty impressed with is I think a Wacom device, but I might be wrong. It might be a Cintiq 24 HD touch. It looks like a big digital drawing board. Pretty impressive. Watching Frank Quietly use his techno-drawing board was really interesting. I know he is a comic artist, so a bit different to the art we discuss here, but if you have the time I recommend watching this program and see how he draws on it in lines. His work ethic is very impressive too!

I am probably way behind the times, but I thought I'd share this as it is interesting and now I know about it I want to talk about it. Does anyone have any experience of using something like this?

“Cintiq 24 HD touch: most advanced, pressure-sensitive pen combined with intuitive, multi-touch capabilities deliver an on-screen creation experience that’s so natural and seamless, it feels like an extension of your senses.

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