Sunday, 13 July 2014

Margaret Mee e a Flor da Lua

Last night, after work I snuggled into bed and watched the Margaret Mee film. I consequently had the best dreams ever - of colourful birds, jungle noises, lush vegetation and beautiful sunsets. You can get the DVD here for about £13 if you are interested. It will be coming all the way over from Brazil!

I must say that if you are interested in painting in the field/saving the planet/painting awkward plants such as those that only flower at night or just interested in Margaret Mee herself, then I would most definitely watch this film.


  1. I would love this film, thank you . Does it have English subtitles?

    1. Yes - that was how they did the translation - basically it isn't dubbed, which is rather nice as I am not a fan of the ol'dubbing!