Thursday, 17 July 2014

Marilyn Ward retires as Illustrations Curator at Kew Gardens

I am sorry to report that this week Kew Gardens had to say a fond (semi) farewell to Marilyn Ward, the curator of illustrations department. I say 'semi', because although she is retiring, Kew will be very lucky in that Marilyn will be returning to work as an ‘illustrations volunteer’, which is really lovely of her. As one can see - she is very devoted and dedicated to the collections and work that Kew does. So there was somewhat of a rather large party on Friday to mark her retirement and 41 years of service. There was a mountain of food, cake and a little bit of champers. Lovely jubbly! 

Photograph taken by Christabel King
After scouring the internet for articles on Marilyn I have to say I was left feeling a bit disappointed - there is very little out there. I find this to be quite astonishing, as she really is a remarkable lady. I suppose one can only contribute it to the fact that she did so much out of the limelight. Throughout her career, she has always cared very deeply for the artists at Kew and encouraged them in all of their work. She also visits well known artists that are no longer painting in the studios at Kew, such as Pandora Sellars, and was a very close friend to Mary Grierson,who sadly passed away at the start of 2012. Marilyn is a bit of a walking database, she knows pretty much EVERYTHING about the illustration collections at Kew and a lot about its history. Upon scouring the internet I found this fabulous little radio program which features both Marilyn and Christabel King and touches on the collections held at the Royal Botanic Gardens. It makes for very good listening whilst in painting in the studio if you are interested...

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