Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Coco's progress

It's Tuesday and I am getting ready to go to Spain on a little trip. This isn't the big move, more of a 'toe dip'. I am seeing my house mate Catuxa who kindly bought me a ticket to go and see her as a thank you for helping her with her PGCE and QTS work. Isn't that a lovely thing to do?! So, in between trying to cram in as much as possible into a teeny hand luggage bag and decanting all of my Green People sun cream into 100/50ml bottles, I am slowly getting Coco completed.

Leaves close up - apologies for bad photograph, light in my bedroom isn't as good as the studio and I have a very old camera as my new one broke.
It appears I have at last worked out why I couldn't paint on the Fabriano Artistico paper - it was not only because I insisted on working on a drawing board rather than flat, but also because I am very naughty (tight) when it comes to buying new brushes. Knowing I am going to move to Spain, I decided to splash out on a load of brushes the other day. I was going to save them, but on my return from the shop I couldn't paint using the older brushes with the shiny new ones staring straight at me with their pointy heads and clean bristles! I succumbed to temptation and broke four new brushes in. WOW! It was amazing and I can now say that Artistico isn't that bad after all. I can also say that I am now promising myself to buy new brushes more regularly than before. A lesson learnt!

A close up on the leaf with the sun shining through it.
So here is Coco - I managed to get quite a bit done at the RHS on Sunday which is good and then again yesterday and today. Actually yesterday was a pretty non-productive day as I was too busy house-packing, emailing and getting my Euros sorted out, but anyway - you get the idea.

Again - rubbish photo - I blame the camera and my dimly lit room... 
I am going to work late tonight with the hope I can sleep on the plane. Might try and get that other leaf on the left done now I appear to be in the groove of working with these lighter more lurid shades of green. The types of green you get with the sun shines through leaves. It's a really tricky green to get right and I know I still haven't got it right, but I think it's better than the green I used on the The Green Giant, so I am getting there... if a little slowly.

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