Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Beautifully embroidered works

Australian visual artist Meredith Woolnough uses water-soluble fabric, to make these beautifully embroidered pieces. You can read more about her techniques here. You can also check out Woolnough’s blog, which has more of her artwork on display as well as tips and tricks for people looking to embroider their own nature art.

I just love the richness of colour and the the strength of form in these pieces. There is something about the visible contrast between fragility and vigour in all of Merediths work that is seriously captivating. They are all so strikingky beautiful and of course you all know how much of a fan I am of textile art! I love anything made with thread. 

I am so glad that my friend Deborah brought Meredith's work to my ateention. Thanks Deborah! 


  1. Hi Jess
    Must be a good collection when 'Ginko' is included.