Monday, 27 October 2014

Daydreams of Skinny Dipping on Dartmoor

Ginkgo biloba - a work in progress

So it appears I might have 'saved' the Ginkgo, or at least just given it the TLC it needed. I reckon I was just being a bit hasty and still in a bad mood after loosing the plot with Harry the Hosta. I have found that working on the vellum has grounded me and calmed me down, helping me to get on with Ginny. Today, whilst sitting at my desk I had the most wonderful daydreams. Thoughts of England at it's best - in the snow, in the sun and in the mist. I thought about moors, I thought about hills. I recollected happy moments of my time in the countryside, which yes, did include skinny dipping on Dartmoor. Happy thoughts might have saved the piece, who knows? But I like it now, so that's good news!

Ginkgo biloba - a work in progress

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