Monday, 20 October 2014

Ginkgo Practice

Since my last post I have been busy trying to paint a Ginkgo biloba tree... To begin with, I felt like it wasn't going to plan, but I ploughed on through, as I know that sometimes a painting can suddenly take on a new life just with a little bit more work. However, I am still left feeling a little despondent about it. Not sure why it isn't flowing. I wonder if it is because I am back on Fabriano no. 5 paper and I have gone small... Capturing the foreshortening, all of the parallel veins, the shadows and the entire range of greens is surprisingly tricky in this piece and this certainly isn't helping. I think the composition might have beaten me. So again, for the second time this fortnight, I have put a painting to one side to mull it over.  

Ginkgo - a work in progress A3 sized

While I mull I have decided to take the plunge and have ordered some vellum. It is for a project I am working on for somebody in the UK and it is a requirement. Luckily Cowleys deliver to Spain, so I ordered a small piece of Kelmscott and some pounce from them. In the meantime, my piece of Rory McEwen vellum is looking straight at me on my desk... I might have a go on it tomorrow... I feel I need a breath of fresh air and his small mounted piece of vellum, or 'heroin for the botanical artist'* as I like to call it, might be just the ticket. 

*It's pricey and from what I understand, once you try it, you won't want to paint on anything else.

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