Friday, 10 October 2014

Harry the Hosta

Hosta for Purbeck Plants

Hosta for Purbeck Plants. Yep, the beans have been put to one side for now. Commission come first. Dr. Who-esque-themed-pieces for my own wall have to wait...

Hosta for Purbeck Plants

I have put this one in here, as the colour is better in this image - yes I still need a decent camera...

This one is a more up to date image of how I left the painting last night. 


  1. Looks great Jess, even at this stage. I'm sure they will be pleased.
    Glad to hear money first, like a real professional - you can always go back to the beans while the paint is drying !!

    1. Haha! Yes, the beans have gone a bit quiet. It's also because they feel different to me now I am over here and I am not really able to 'get back into them'. My conclusion is that they were about something knotted inside of me when I was still in the UK, but I now feel like I have waded through this knot into something razor sharp. This could be why the Hosta is appealing to me - all of those gorgeous, pointy, floating spades.

      I can't tell if I got through the 'knot' by moving onto the Hosta, or it was the other way around. Who knows, it is a chicken and egg situation, but yes... I have to clear the commissions and after this one there is the Plane Tree and your Ginkgo!!! Whoppeee! Lots of GREEN.