Friday, 10 October 2014

Saskia von Brockdorff and Carmen Lever

Work by Saskia von Brockdorf

My new neighbour in Belicena is a lovely lass. She is so kind, generous and gentle. I love her. I call her 'Aunty Terri'. A week has passed since moving into the new studio near Santa Fe and I haven't really been out of the house much. I have walked to the PanaderĂ­a to fetch our daily loaf and I have been food shopping on a Saturday night (never doing THAT again as it's somewhat of a 'thing' for Spanish families to dress up and do their food shop on a Saturday night and so it gets very, very busy - but is rather impressive how they manage to make their weekly food shop into a sophisticated event). I have also been to the local cafĂ© for mi desayuno, but most of my time has been spent trying to navigate myself around this huge house or around Terri's. 

Yesterday, Terri lent me a book. It was a prospectus for Winchester School of Art for the School of Fashion and Textile Design and inside I found some fabulous images. She thought I'd be interested in it and I most certainly was. I thought I'd share my two favourites here.  I especially like the boldness in both pieces. there is no shyness in either of them. Saskia doesn't appear to have a webiste, altough she has a fabulous pinboard on Pinterest, and there are some other things on there which I think you'd like too.

Work by Carmen Lever

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