Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas Wish List

You all know me by now; I am not known for my asking for “stuff”, I like asking the universe for opportunities, solutions, inspiration and the luck needed to meld everything together. Remember when I so fervently wished to be able to buy a piece of vellum after helping to curate a retrospective show of Rory McEwen's work at Kew Gardens? That wish must have been a powerful one, as a small perfect piece of prepared Kelmscott vellum arrived quite out of the blue one day. The semi-translucent oblong had come from Rory McEwen's daughters, Christabel and Samantha, who had decided to gift me a piece from their father's collection - the very artist who had inspired me work as a botanical illustrator. It was a magical moment. 

I live to paint, to grab that invisible light, colour and surface and fasten it tight forever. My medium is paint and though the process of seeing, feeling and creating I occasionally transcend to a wider understanding of the object I study. As an artist I use my brushes until they are completely worn out. Every hint of pigment is squeezed out of the tubes and compositions are carefully planned so as to not waste paper.

I have been known to lust after many things that will further my practice of painting. Such as a certain shade of green that reminds me of the flesh just under the skin of a conference pear after it has been bitten into. These colours always seem to elude me. I have written this blog post in response to the Next Christmas Wish List competition in the hope that I might end up with one of the items on my list. So this year, I wish for:

1) A Size: 12 Pure Kolinsky Rigger Paint Brush from Rosemary and Co. These handmade brushes are gorgeous and I'd like a big one so that I can work more freely and openly whilst retaining the detail with it's very fine point.

Rosemary and Co, make all of their brushes by hand using the best materials
2) A large piece (c. 60cm square) of Kelmscott (Calfskin) Vellum from William Cowley'sso I can paint something that will glow with luminosity. It is the crème de la crème of watercolour painting surfaces and a must have item.

A delicious roll of Kelmscott
3) A roll of Saunders Waterford, 300gsm, High White, Hotpress Paper (1.524m x 10m) from St. Cuthbert's Millso I can start to work on bigger paintings. I have always wanted a roll of paper so that I can have more freedom when choosing the dimensions of my compositions, but I have never had a studio large enough to store a whole roll in. Having just moved my studio this year I thankfully find myself in a position where I can have 10 metres of this fabulous paper.

The Saunders Waterford Stamp
4) A silver magnifying glass pendant by Crafy Little Gnome on Etsy, so I can see all the tiny details inside my flowers. I love the idea of a pendant because I'd wear it all of the time. It'll be there whenever I need it, such as when I am working in the field.  This handmade one is particularly lovely with it's simple, clean design.

Magnifying pendant by Crafy Little Gnome
5) Charvin Deluxe Oil Painting Set With Wood Chest. Since moving my studio I have begun to paint outside. There is a lovely stretch of countryside behind where I am based and I go on walks regularly. I want to be able to capture the intense colours of the landscape using oils and feel this set would really send me off to a good start!

Doesn't it look sumptuous?! 

Just the five things on my list   this year, even though one is allowed a maximum of ten. It's all I need and want.

Happy Advent.

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  1. It's a good job I'm into technology as most wish lists are sent to me in smoke up the chimney.
    I see you are even further away this year but I shall see what I can do.