Saturday, 1 November 2014

Fields of Fire

Today, the day after the Day of the Dead, the locals really got into full throttle when it came to burning the corn fields down behind our house. The smoke was impressive - it came in through our windows and doors and the smell was superb. You just cant beat the smell of smoke from organic material at this time of year. 

Corn fields on fire, Belicena, Santa Fe, Granada

After inhaling a rather impressive quantity of smoke all morning I decided to go out on my bicycle (Neptune) at noon with the intention of finding a heart. It's a long story which I am sure I'll tell you in full later on, but what I was looking for was a very Catholic picture of a heart in a church somewhere. Needless to say I didn't find one, but I did pop into the local cemetery which was PACKED. On this day all of the Spanish go to the cemetery and quite simply respect the dead. They spend the whole of the 31st cleaning all of the tomb stones and making the place very, very smart and then they put plastic flowers everywhere. I have never seen so many flowers. Then the day after they visit again, all dressed up and in their hoards adding even more flowers. There were so many people pitching up at our cemetery, that there was even a traffic jam at the end of the road. On my return I noticed the police had been called in to help manage the situation. I would have taken photographs of this event, but I felt like it would have been disrespectful so instead walked around the tombs taking in the sight. Needless to say my mum managed to discreetly take some shots during her visit to the same cemetery several hours afterwards and I am really hoping that she'll do a blog post that I can link to later on so that you see how amazing the cemetery looks at this time of the year. 

Corn fields on fire, Belicena, Santa Fe, Granada

So yes, heartless, yet full of plastic flower love I cycled home into a cloud of smoke. All I could hear was the cracking of flames as they chomped through the fields. It was utterly enthralling as the noise and smoke were on BOTH sides of the road. I actually felt like I was in the Peugot 405 advert as I peddled through the smoke and ripping noise.

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After playing Daenerys Targaryen I arrived home and cooled off. So I guess this is just to let you all know that the back of our house doesn't quite look like it did in Sanctum any more, although thankfully my Poplar Plantations are still there.

Corn fields on fire, Belicena, Santa Fe, Granada

Wishing you all an insightful, bountiful and rejuvenating Samhain!

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