Friday, 14 November 2014

Rory and the Ginkgo

Just a short post that sort of stands alone, but I felt that it was something worth mentioning. During filming I was asked which one of Rory McEwen's paintings was my favourite. Certainly a tough one to answer, as I do like one of his tulips a lot, I went with the Ginkgo leaf because it was the first painting of his I saw (probably in one of Shirley Sherwood's books) and it is my favourite tree. I think that this is the most amazing depiction I have ever seen of a Ginkgo Leaf - Rory has managed to capture the shadows and highlights with finesse and grace. When I saw this painting for the first time I realised what an incredibly distinguished artist he was and this is why I use the Ginkgo leaf in the Inky Leaves logo today - it is in recognition of Rory and part of his legacy. 

Inky Leaves

Just thought you might like to know...

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