Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bit by bit, inch by inch

Obi One the Pineapple - a work in progress
A little update for you all. Blogging has waned a bit (apologies) as I am really trying to get this Pineapple finished. Working against the clock again! This beauty really is a bit more complicated than I had originally thought - it's facets and technicolour palette are giving me a serious work out. It's the palette more than anything, because I find I actually need day light to paint this. Spot lights are just not doing it for me, so my hours are restricted by the suns movement. Brushes are now starting to moult under the strain, which is a bit annoying, but I know how they feel. It's hotting up outside. It's now hotter outside the house at night.

Other from this, there is no other news... I am just gearing up for that solar eclipse a week tomorrow. Exciting times. It's time to make some wishes and be in awe.

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