Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Inky Leaves as Pinhole Cameras

Crescent shaped dappled shade - leaves as pinhole cameras
So it's been a funny old week. First of all the weather changed. It's cold and damp and quite frankly horrible. I used to like the damp, but I don't now - I have been spoilt by the Spanish sun! The lack of good quality day light as meant that I have struggled to paint, which is no bad thing. It's good to walk away sometimes and luckily for us, there was a break in the clouds during the eclipse. It wasn't as strong here, but it was noticeable and sadly it did sabotage the only chance I had of getting any sunlight! I have personally found this new moon to be particularly intense. Being away from the world of distraction, one really starts to feel subtle changes in day to day energy more acutely and I have been feeling something all week.

With all this turbulent energy I began working on other projects. I have been working on a logo for the Incredible Exploding Pomegranate Exhibition, which is easier said than done (I have since developed a whole new level of admiration for designers). This is the show I have been busy organising with my mum and Roberta Gordon-Smith. It's going to be a blast, so if you are interested, register to find out more...

Sadly this isn't my work, but that of my very talented step dad at Browse Digital.
Alongside this, I have also been designing some posters for Inky Leaves. Not quite sure what I am planning to do with these yet, but I felt I had to do them. They've focused me and given me some drive. Whilst colouring in the pretty pictures, I thought very deeply about what I am actually trying to achieve here on the Iberian Peninsula. I thought I might get some work together for the RHS, but that hasn't really happened. I seem to be marching away from all of this into something else entirely. I am struggling to get older paintings finished and am feeling frustrated that ideas are coming into my head faster than I can paint. That's annoying. 

So to cut a long story short whilst stealing the words of Mr. Lennon, 
I've worked out that I am basically trying to start a revolution from my bed.  
Yes, a botanical revolution and the good news is that it starts with you

First up - I am inviting all of my readers to write a blog post which I will post on Inky Leaves. It can be about anything you like within the remit of illustration, art, history and botany. It can feature your own paintings, a piece of creative writing, a poem, whatever - I don't mind, no one minds.

To join the collective email me: mail@inkyleaves.com


I have also set up a new blog 'Pomona in Granada'... another blot of inspiration during the eclipse and another way of spreading myself even thinner. Never been much of a stiletto heel if I am honest - more of a Jack. Anyway... I am going to probably update that blog once a fortnight. It'll be a slow feed, but the first post is up and running.

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