Thursday, 26 March 2015

These are rather nice

Emil Schildt is a self-taught photographer who has been taking pictures for more than 20 years. He is now working as a teacher in photography in the northern part of Denmark. His favourite techniques are cyanotypes, polymeregravure and liquid emulsions. Work like this makes me want to do a course in old fashioned photography...

Dried Leaf by Emil Schildt

Oilprint by Emil Schildt

Still Life with Skull by Emil Schildt

You can see more work here

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  1. Hi Jess.

    Liquid emulsions and sepia toning were always great fun.

    Now the wonders of digital photography enable us to take hundreds possibly thousands of shots so quickly. Then at leisure or otherwise we can discard most and make our selection upon the criteria of our choice. We can of course experiment or play with light and position, photoshop in and out, for what many consider art, or is it 'an art'.
    But in the old days, it took time and you took your time. Exposure time may well be linked to the shutter speed but it could also be factor in the dark room. There were so many ways to experiment and play and change the effect of the end product bringing art to the simple snap even when using a simple Pin Hole camera !

    You were about 5 years too late to include this in your Science lessons .......and far too bright. Not a topic of choice for the academics.