Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Trying to Finish Cos Amidst Curating

Cos the Lettuce - almost finished - almost

So just another manic Tuesday. Tuesday's are our manic days here as we have a full house of workers. We have deadlines for Browse Digital, deadlines for mum and deadlines for me. Plus Easter to contend with, which they take VERY seriously down here in Anduluci√°. So its all hands on deck before everyone takes their holiday and starts walking around with tronos (or pasos) of the Virgin Mary balling their eyes out (Semana Santa). I myself can't wait - I love a ritual.

This morning I was very busy giving the Exploding Pomegranate some TLC, but then after a walk I nipped into the studio. It's been your average 11 hour day with an hours walk and an hours lunch. Anyway, on close observation, you'll notice that I have already signed the painting. I do this a lot, especially when I have been lazy to give me a kick up the jacksy and force me to finish it.

Since you saw Cos last, which was about a year ago if you weren't at any of the RHS shows last year, I have tried to do more on the bottom, the two stems and the far out leaves on with sides - just adding layers of colour really to make the whole thing less wishy-washy. I have also darkened the leaves at the back a lot. I was getting frightened at how dark I was going (it gets me every time), but I reckon I have just got away with it so far. Needs to go a bit darker still in the middle, but I need a sunny day to do that in and it's been pissing it down all day. As you probably have guessed, I am having to work from photographs in order to finish this one as I don't own a time machine (sadly) and as suspected, my lettuce from Sainsbury's in Whitechapel has long since been eaten and is in fact dead. 

Anyhow... Voil√°!

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