Friday, 17 April 2015

Überwältigende Blüten by Rosie Sanders

A new book is out by the marvellous Rosie Sanders. You can view the book here. It looks deliciously tempting. Might have to get one for my tea breaks.

£25.78 on Amazon with free delivery 

This is what Rosie has to say about her work for the publication: 

"With each picture I start a new language. Every time this feels strange - it is as if it is the first image that I have ever painted. The first steps can be extremely difficult, as there is only white paper in front of me and nothing to which I can relate, so I have to be very careful. It's only when I dive deeper into the work and a sense of order comes in to the picture when the language works and brings the image to life. If that happens, it can be very exciting!"

Rosie Sanders regularly paints Tulips, Iris', Anemones, Amaryllis', Roses, Orchids and Gladioli scaled up into enormous paintings. She is also often referred to in the botanical art world as the "master of light" because she frequently lights her subject matter from behind. Against the light the leaves and flowers appear transparent and start to reveal new colours and tones. It's rather magical. 

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