Monday, 4 May 2015

This has blown my mind, completely and utterly

These paintings were published in This is Colossal today. The amazing work of Kwang-Ho Lee, of which you can see more at Johyun Gallery and Artsy online. 

Cactus No.73, oil on canvas 193.9×130.3cm 2011, courtesy Atelier Aki
I guess seeing work like this could make you want to give up the brush. I for one couldn't help but ask myself this evening 'what is the point of painting - I'll never be as good as this?!' I have to admit, that really was my second thought (the first thought was trying to work out how on earth these had been painted). Feelings of such foolish cowardice fluttered into my brain like a butterfly, but exited like a bullet. No way - can't even begin to think such depressing, silly thoughts. So what?! Yes, this artist is seriously good, in fact, mindbogglingly so, and that's great. This is something to be celebrated - it means it is possible. It's possible to make something look this real with a brush, some paint, a lot of patience, quite a lot of perfectionism and a whopping great big dose of devotion. Well done Lee - superb work - you are inspiring. I will never look at a cactus in the same way again.

Cactus No.69, 2011, Oil on canvas, 162.1×130.3cm, courtesy Johyun Gallery.

Cactus No.51,2010,Oil on Canvas,194x200cm, courtesy Johyun Gallery

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