Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sally after 60 and a half hours

So I am getting rather fed up with Sally now... she is boring me and I dropped my brush on the white background which is a sure sign I am not concentrating. I managed to save the paper with tissues and a bunch of swear words. It's always a nightmare that you mess something up at this stage!

Sally... almost done, still a lot of touching up to do.
She won't get any darker now, this is pretty much it.

Sally's placement on the sketchbook

Assignment 8 (Sally the Savoy): 8.63/10


  1. Hi, This is my first visit to your blog and I have to say that Sally is very impressive - I love the detail and can fully appreciate the amount of work involved. Marvellous!!

  2. I think she is perfect. Great to see how you work - still in the sketchbook? No problem with buckling of paper - perhaps you don't use as much water as me! It's incredible Jess, can't wait to hear the response. Be very proud

  3. Thanks Vicki.. yes she is still in the sketchbook... I have tried stretching paper but the varnishes and terpines in every stretcher I have bought have come out and stained the back of my paper and I have lost many marks for this. So I have given in. The paper doesn't crinkle with my work either... tiny brush and very few washes. Mostly dry brush really. I'll let you know the response when it gets back to me. Lovely day here in Kew:) Many thanks for your support again.