Saturday 13 October 2012

Chelsea Tulips

Did a bit more painting yesterday on both Monstera and Chelsea Tulips, but it was rather slow going! I guess I wasn't in the mood so it just took a little longer to get things onto paper.


I think maybe after one more day, this one and it will be finished. I am desperate to start something new if I am honest! I am finding this one still very tricky - the stripes, the highlights and the colour changes. Those petals have nearly ever single colour in them - oranges, yellows, reds, purples, pinks, greens and blues. The highlights are ultramarine to mauve in colour, which is really tricky to achieve as it requires only a light wash.


Been busy sewing again too and will post the progress I have made with this next time. I am off to see my mum soon which will be nice. It's hers and my step dad's wedding anniversary next week. It'll be nice to see them both and refreshing to visit the seaside.

I am now starting to think on what I can paint next after this one. Again I want to do leaves which doesn't really fit in with the title of the next SBA exhibition. I just seem to be attracted to leaves much more than flowers - I always have been and probably will always be!