Thursday 14 November 2013

At the Seaside, by the Sea

On Sunday, I decided to run away from the Big Smoke and spend some of my holiday at the seaside - in true British style! It is so lovely down here... The pace of life is so much slower and its quiet. The sun has been out nearly everyday and it's very beautiful. The sun glistening on the lapping waves, no wind and all that fresh air. On Monday night we had a storm and the following day I decided to have a walk along the tide mark and go for a paddle. There were so many beautiful seaweeds there, covering nearly every colour of the spectrum in an array of shapes and sizes. They'd make such beautiful subjects to paint, especially when wet and shiny. The way the light dances on them is really rather beautiful and I felt that it would be a good challenge to this depict accurately. Just think of all those reflections!

Anyway, I had a look online and found this lovely collection of seaweeds which I felt accurately portrayed the diversity of form found in this group of 'mystical' flora. I rather like them all as a collection and thought I'd share them with you.