Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Book out by the British Museum on Book Plates

This looks like a nice book. Click here for more pictures.

Still no artwork to post, but then this is a museum blog with a bias towards botanical art. I have been very busy with lots of tissue paper however (making a birthday present) and my garden and house are pristine. After the Wedding Weekend I hope to crack on with some artwork, but first, please pass me a glass of Pimms and a cucumber sandwich!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bird of Paradise Flower

Can't paint still, so I am reverting back to my old self to see if that shifts something. Rather enjoyed doing this, it has to be said. It is still not finished though... It'll be much darker at the end.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Californian Poppies

I went to pick up my prints in Farringdon this week. A limited edition of 20 on Somerset Enhanced Satin paper (330gsm) of my 'Californian Poppies', which I drew when helping my dad on his allotment a few summers ago. I probably wasn't being much help if I was busy drawing this! Sized A3 in pen and ink... Please email me if you are interested in them or have any questions:

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I found this intersting site...

Vermilion Poppy by Rose Black Gallery

I am trying to work out what to paint for the next assignement at the moment. The mission is to find something that is currently in flower and that will be in seed before the end of May. I don't want to do anything white or pink as those plants are not my thing at all, and I am having great difficulty in finding soemthing new and challenging. It's odd, as this type of illustration was the thing I used to do all the time, but I haven't done a professional scientific illustration for a couple of years now and it feels like a backwards step in my development, so I am resisting... anyway, I need to get over that and get on with it! Whilst browsing the net, I found these lovely images by a scanographer...

Milk weed by Rose Black Gallery

I love the mysteriousness of these images - they look like they have been suspended in time and space. Something just doesn't look normal at all and that's a little creepy. I used to love working in this way with a scanner during my art A-levels... you seem to always get the same result, like you are looking at somethng hidden...It's like being inside a womb, looking at something growing in the darkness.

Old fashioned Hydrangea's by Rose Black Gallery

Monday, 11 April 2011

From the Archive - Kew's World Garden 1941

This wonderful film was recently found in the archives at the British Council. Made in 1941, the film explores Kew Gardens the work taking place at the time. And it is in colour - which is what makes this so extraordinary. It is hard to believe that it was recorded 70 years ago. I am left wondering how many of those people filmed are still alive and if they are I wonder what they look like now. My father was born in 1941 and it seems strange to think that the world in Kew wasn't that different then. It makes me realise what a funny place it is where I work - it's aging process seems to at a completely different pace to the rest of the world. There is also some lovely film of a botanical illustrator in the herbarium 08:10 minutes into the film - I wish I knew who it was... To see the film, please click here.

Friday, 8 April 2011

New book by Bryan Poole and David Marks

A new book is out or soon to be out about Bryan Poole, my favourite artist and I am very excited about it. You can see a preview of it here.

I went to the SBA 'World of Plants' exhibition last night - bumped into Katherine Tyrrell which was nice and I await her news of the exhibition on her blog :) It is the first time I have been to an SBA exhibition and I was very impressed. It must have been a lot of work getting all those pictures up - so many of them, it was like a garden on paper downstairs in the Central Hall!

I think my favourite was everyone's favourite - 'Papaver, June Poppy' by Fiona Strickland - as I think it got the People's Award. However, I also really liked 'Decaying Magnolia Leaf (pencil) by Carolyn Worby and Rocco Amico's work was pretty outstanding... one to watch as I think he was an SBA student. It was also really lovely to see Diana Sutherland's work in the flesh - the pineapple was incredible and she really deserved the distinction that she was awarded.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Quiet Patch

Going through a recovery phase after Sally I think! Actually it's not that - there has just been a lot on at the moment at work in Kew and I was lucky enough to have my mummy visit me on Monday which was really lovely. We went to see the Watercolour exhibition at Tate Britain. I enjoyed the first two rooms very much, my favourite paintings were the John Dunstall and Arthur Harry Church's.

John Dunstall, 'A Pollard Oak near West Hampnett Place, Chichester' c.1660

Arthur Harry Church, 'Geranium phaem (Morning Widow Geranium)'

My '2011 Grapes' prints are steadily going to their new homes, which I am very pleased about. If you are interested in one, please let me know as I will only be doing a run of 20. They are £85.00 each. I plan to pick up a brush after this weekend... watch this space!